Aura for Avatars + Graphic request

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Aura for Avatars + Graphic request

Post by Corp on Sat Jul 19, 2014 9:56 am

There used to be Avatars in ijji and Aeria.
They are like clothing/appearances that are worn over the normal clothes/armor.
They have no additional stats or anything, just for aesthetic reasons.

How about Auras?
Aura: An invisible but distinctive emanation, or radiation that seems to surround a person.
It's like the yellow energy emanating from Dragon Ball Z characters when they charge up their ki.

Can we have them for Avatars? Have the aura range be small and slight. It makes the character easier to spot so people might not be using it much. Questers/gladiators and people in training rooms would love this especially. Different colors of aura would be much appreciated. Yellow, blue, red, green.. people be thinking this is the best server and party.

Lastly, the naked body of the characters need a graphic update. It currently looks blocky if you know what i mean.

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Re: Aura for Avatars + Graphic request

Post by Lethality on Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:33 pm

I know I talked to Johnny and he said the "Auras" are a possibility. He is making an aura for the admin rings, and possibly player rings, too. I'm sure we will have avatars, too; they are a common thing now.

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