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[Completed] Forum Update 7/21 Empty [Completed] Forum Update 7/21

Post by Prone on Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:59 pm

Hello guys ,

Here's the forum update for 7/21 ,

Implemented :

• The navigation words has been replaced with images . (Just click on the images on where it redirects you to)
• A new cursor . ( The cursors will be changed every week )
• The point system is now in effect ! Click here to see how it works !
• Ranks will now have a image to represent who you are !

Basic Fixes :

• Some useless junk has been removed to enhance the loading speed of the forums .
• Useless threads/posts has been deleted from the database .

Revised :

• Stickies is now renamed as "Important"

What you can expect in the next update :

Point System :
• The prize list for the Points System will be posted ! ( Still taking ideas for prizes )

Revisions :
• Certain forums and categories will be revised so it will be easier to navigate !

That's it for now !

Thread will be edited when more updates/changes has taken place .

Please leave your feedback down below !

Sometimes good things Die. So better things can Fall Into Place.
[Completed] Forum Update 7/21 Yuzuriyukari_zpse3c53c1c
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