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[OFFICIAL]Regular Disussion Rules Empty [OFFICIAL]Regular Disussion Rules

Post by William on Wed Oct 15, 2014 5:58 pm

I understand this is a game. But fun cannot exist without order.

♣ No spamming any threads.
♣ Threads 1 month old will be locked. Or if it was a question and has been answered. Or If a discussion is over.
♣ Threads about the game ONLY. Any thread that has nothing to do with ReaperGunZ will be removed with a verbal warning.
♣ No racism, or slander in this forum, or any other forum you may visit. (Forum = Other sections on this website you may go to)

That is it for now. If I don't state it, put it in the suggestions box.
And if I don't state it, have common sense. I shouldn't have to baby you guys around.

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