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Post by Lethality on Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:33 pm

1. Hacking

Hacking or distributing hacks, including UC and macros**.

1st offense: permanent ban

2. Spamming

DEFINITION: Spamming lines of the same text, or spamming lines of different text to the point where you annoy other players in the game.

1st offense: 1 day mute
2nd offense: 2 day mute
3rd offense : 3 day mute + warning

3. Flaming

DEFINITON: Excessively insulting or harassing others in-game or on the forums. Light trolling will be permitted, but we, the staff team, will decide when you have crossed the "line".

1st offense: 2 day mute
2nd offense: 4 day mute + warning
3rd offense: 1 week mute + warning

4. Swapping

Trading multiple kills with another player with the intention of gaining EXP/levels or increasing your kill/death ratio.

1st offense: character level reset + warning
2nd offense: 2 week ban + character deletion + warning
CW Swap: 2 week ban + clan deletion + character level reset + warning

5. Glitching

Abusing a bug to gain an upper hand in the game. Glitching such as an elevator in a training room will not be punished, but breaking colliders to gain an advantage against your opponent will.

1st offense: 1 day ban
2nd offense: 3 day ban + warning
3rd offense: 5 day ban + warning

6. Advertising

Deliberately attempting to get others to leave Reaper GunZ and join other GunZ servers. One accidental mention of a server will not be strictly enforced unless it happens more than once.

1st offense: 1 week mute
2nd offense: 1 month (30 day) mute + warning
3rd offense: Temporary or permanent ban

7. Heavy Lag/Spike

Lagging or spiking constantly to the point where you are 300+ ping and a disruption of others' gameplay.

1st offense: 1 day ban
2nd offense: 1 week ban + warning
Force Lagging: 2 week ban (or more) + whatever the person who reviewed your report deems necessary.

8. Staff Disrespect

Flaming and/or impersonating the staff.

1st offense: 4 day mute
2nd offense: 1 week mute + warning
Staff Impersonation: 1 month (30 day) ban + warning + possible character deletion**

*Rules are subject to change at any time, so keep yourself informed. We will post major rulechanges on the forums, but not minor ones.
**Some exceptions can be made for macros and staff impersonation, depending on the severity of the situation.

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